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HDC is also creating new values in culture and contents ranging from music to sports

HDC Youngchang
HDC Youngchang is a total musical contents company that produced pianos for the first time in Korea in 1956. Its excellent technology and quality were recognized, and became the first company in Asia to export 4,500 pianos to Japan in 1972. In 1990, it acquired Kurzweil and developed its technology competitiveness that combines acoustics and digital, and became the world’s No. 1 in the global piano market. Since its incorporation into HDC Group in 2006, HDC Youngchang has been leveraging its accumulated competency and its global network to transform itself into a cultural enterprise that spreads the lifestyle of using musical instruments and enjoying music and various cultural contents. Since 2013, it has held the greatest music competition in Korea, i.e. ‘HDC Youngchang Concours, with Pony Chung Foundation', contributing to the fostering of musical talents and the cultural industry.
HDC Sports
HDC Sports operates the professional FC of Busan, Busan IPARK. Busan IPARK was founded as Daewoo Royals in 1983, and acquired by HDC Hyundai Development Company in 2000. Busan IPARK, which soared into fame when it won the 2004 FA championship, changed its team name to Busan IPARK, and made it to the semi-finals in the AFC Champions League, Asia’s best club football competition. HDC Sports is making efforts to foster professional players and youth, expand the foundation of football, and develop the sports culture for football. Also, it is actively communicating with football fans, and engaging in various social contribution activities together with football players. HDC Sports is working feverishly to make Busan IPARK a football club that the local community is proud of and loves.