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As a comprehensive real estate and infrastructure group, HDC creates more added value through various development management projects

HDC Hyundai
Established in 1976, Hyundai Development Company was later split into HDC, an investment company, and HDC Hyundai Development Company in May 2018.HDC Hyundai Development Company is a comprehensive real estate infrastructure company, and wields the biggest power in the housing sector as it possesses the biggest expertise for supplying private housing in Korea and the IPARK brand power. It provides all processes of construction projects requiring high technology, such as high-rise buildings, roads, bridges, ports and plants. It features the best competency in the industry in contract-based construction and development-type construction projects ranging from land purchases to its own sales. It is also active in the private SOC market.
HDC I & Cons
HDC I & Cons is a professional developer with development planning and fund-raising capabilities. It was established in 2000, and merged with the remodeling business division of Hyundai Development Company in 2004 and became what it is today. Based on its information network with securities companies, trust companies and developers and special planning competency, it is concentrating on developing various small and medium-sized real estate, including not only its own development projects, but also small and medium-sized houses near subway stations, new promising commercial districts and parking lot sites. In addition, by sharing technology with HDC Hyundai Development Company, its stable construction capabilities in the contract-based construction and remodeling of houses and various buildings are widely recognized, and it is actively conducting business.
HDC I-Service
HDC I-Service, a total service provider related to real estate, was established as Facility Management Korea in 1992, and incorporated into HDC Group in 1999. It provides comprehensive facility management, such as building management, cleaning, parking/security, general affairs/clerical support, and real estate asset management service like operation, leasing, building management, and management consulting. It is leveraging the expertise of HDC Hyundai Development Company to provide differentiated services in interior, remodeling and landscaping businesses. Through I-Nursing Home, an advanced special care facility for the elderly, it is also expanding its business to aged care service as well.
Hotel HDC
Hotel HDC, established in 2005, is improving its status as a professional hospitality company specializing in world-class brand hotel development, planning and management. Park Hyatt Seoul and Park Hyatt Busan, which it developed and operates on its own are highly praised, for example, they were rated as No. 1 in various hotel ratings, including those in business traveler magazines. In recognition of its management capabilities, Hotel HDC entered into the trust management of Andaz, affiliated with Hyatt Hotel in 2018.
In 1999, HDC IPark Mall pioneers a new circulation genre, called a “multi-use shopping mall”, for the first time and introduced the “Malling” culture in South Korea. We are taking the lead in creating a new multi-use shopping mall trend by creating a healing space incorporated into the shopping experience with the concept of “Urban Nature” and providing contents for visitors to eat, enjoy, and experience. HDC IPark Mall is continuing to challenge to be the best mixed-use shopping mall in South Korea, on step further from Yongsan’s landmark
HDC Shilla
Duty-Free Shop
It was founded in 2015 as a joint venture among HDC Hyundai Development Company, HDC IPARKMALL and Hotel Shilla, which has been leading the global duty-free market. Shilla IPARK Duty-Free Shop, operated by HDC Shilla Duty-Free Shop, is the world’s largest downtown duty-free outlet. Its large and comfortable shopping space spanning 5 stories houses more than 600 shops, including luxury fashion, watches and cosmetics stores. The 30-year expertise of Hotel Shilla, a global duty-free business operator, and HDC Group’s ability to develop multi-use facilities are creating positive synergy effects. As it is in the Yongsan IPARKMALL at the center of Seoul and the center of transportation, you can enjoy both the facilities and contents of the shopping mall complex. It is also developing tourism products based on KTX and ITX of Yongsan Station, thereby contributing to creating regional tourism demands.