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HDC is using its market-leading planning capabilities and construction and management expertise to develop a new model of SOC private investment

Seoul Chuncheon
The Seoul Chuncheon Highway is the core private financed highway in the central region that connects the metropolitan area to Gangwon-do and the East Coast. It links to the 61.4km-long Donghongcheon-Yangyang Highway from Gangil-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul to Dongsan-myeon, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, and the Jungbu Naeryuk Highway. Is the shortest route from the metropolitan area to major tourist attractions in Gangwon-do, such as Seoraksan, and the East Coast. It alleviates the traffic congestion on the Yeongdong Highway and existing national highways in Northern Gyeonggi-do and Gangwon-do, and reduces trip lengths and time. It is using the facilities in the field and the facilities of the transportation information center to collect, analyze and provide traffic information in an effort to manage the Highway to ensure smooth traffic.
Bukhang I-Bridge
The Busan Harbor Bridge is a bridge located in Bukhang, the largest port in Busan. A total of KRW 371.5 billion was invested in it. Its construction began in April 2007 and was completed in April 2014. The operation period is 30 years until August 2044. Once the Busan Harbor Bridge was opened, all the 52km-long coastal roads of Busan from the Gwangan Bridge and the Geoga Bridge were connected. As a result, the chronic traffic congestion in the old downtown of Busan was solved, and the trip time was reduced and logistics costs decreased as well. The total length of the Busan Harbor Bridge is 3,368m, and the pylon of the 1,114m-long cable-stayed bridge stands 105m high. In harmony with the beautiful night lights, it has become one of the most famous tourist attraction of Busan.
Jigae Namsan Urban
The Jigae Namsan Urban Expressway was planned as the only expressway that connects the downtown area of Changwon to the new town in the northern part of the city. Its construction will begin in July 2018, and after 3 years of construction, the operation period is 30 years until 2050. It is a BTO project. In this project, the internal loop will be constructed, and it will be connected to the central axis. It is expected to greatly reduce the traffic congestion in Changwon. If the development of the Bukmyeon new town currently in progress is completed, the gradual inflow of population is expected to be reflected in the traffic needs.
The Tongyeong Natural Gas Power Plant Project promoted by Tongyeong Ecopower Corp. was included in the 6th Basic Plan for Long-term Electricity Supply and Demand (Basic Plan) in 2013 and it is to build and operate a 1,012MW LNG Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant, one 200,000kl LNG storage tank, and other facilities on 260,000㎡ of Gwangdo-myeon, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do. Currently, the corporation has achieved a 92% comprehensive process rate as of the end of March 2024 and is expected to start commercial operations in the second half of 2024 as the construction project is underway. It is expected to contribute to national development through economic power generation through competitive business structures such as direct introduction of fuel overseas and connection with facilities with Korea Gas Corporation, and stable sales and operating profits are expected.
Container Terminal
The Busan Container Terminal is located in the northern side of new Busan Port in Gadeokdo, Gangseo-gu, Busan. Its total area is 2,082,650㎡. The Busan Port is located on the North American and European route with the greatest cargo volume in the world, and thanks to its low handling charge and timeliness of marine transportation, the transshipment volume is increasing. The Busan Container Terminal Corporation was established in 2012, and its construction began in 2016. After the construction is completed in 2021, it will manage the terminal for 28 years and 11 months. It is hoped that the Busan Container Terminal will serve as the Northeast Asian hub playing the role of a core for Korean exports and imports.
IPARK Marina
The IPARK Marina is the ‘Suyeong Bay Yachting Center Re-Development Private Investment Project’ located in Woo-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan. It is planning to develop and operate berthing facilities for 628 ships and lodging and commercial facilities for users on a 234,711㎡ lot (142,150㎡ on land and 92,561㎡ on the sea). To construct and operate the Suyeong Bay Yachting Center creatively and efficiently, the IPARK Marina is collaborating with the local community, and it is planning to operate it for 30 years after it is completed in 2021. It is expected to contribute to the development of the local economy and improve the quality of life of citizens as a tourist attraction of Busan and the center of the marine leisure industry.