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HDC seeks a better future by investing in advanced materials, science and technology

HDC Hyundai EP
HDC Hyundai EP, which started out as the petrochemical business division of Hyundai Development Company in 1988, was spun off as an affiliate in 2000, transformed into a professional and independent company, and became listed on the stock market in 2006. In the past 30 years, it has led the growth of various industries, such as automobiles, electronics, construction and household goods by innovating the functional polymer industry, and in particular, it has maintained the No. 1 position in the domestic automotive composite polypropylene market. It is producing composite PP, composite PE, PS and EPS, PB pipes and C-PVC in various locations around the country, and as its technology was recognized in the country, it has advanced into the Chinese and Indian market. It is creating new values and reinforcing future competitiveness by developing environment-friendly and high-quality new materials.
HDC Hyundai PCE
HDC Hyundai PCE is a specialist in precast concrete that started out as a business division of Hyundai Development Company in 1988, and became an affiliated company in 2014. As HDC Hyundai PCE brings the panels produced in the stable environment in the precast concrete factory to the sites and assembles them, it has excellent price competitiveness. Also, precast concrete makes it possible to construct safe shock-resistant buildings quickly, and is useful in constructing residential space with excellent sound absorption and insulation. HDC Hyundai PCE will capitalize on its experience and expertise in the construction of apartments, stadiums and logistics centers around the country to grow into the best precast concrete producer in Korea.
Real Estate 114
Real Estate 114 provides objective real estate information by utilizing various data such as the sales, market price, actual trading prices, and sales volume of real estate. We also support our customers to make smooth transactions and reasonable investment decisions. Additionally, we are offering real estate big data services that satisfy customers’ needs using REPS, the only real estate statistics solution in South Korea, and K-Atlas, the region-based data integration solution. We will lead the big data platform market by providing comprehensive solution services ranging from residential to commercial real estate.