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Portfolio Finance/Investment


We translate the value-oriented investment philosophy into reality
with a long-term investment strategy

HDC Assets
HDC Asset Management was established as I-Investment Trust Management Company in 2000. To secure the transparency of asset management and ensure autonomous decision-making, Responsibility Management is done based on the separation of ownership and management, and the company has an advanced management system and asset management system that meet global standards. In 2012, it was renamed HDC Asset Management, and was selected as the Government Employees Pension stock-type management company and the National Housing Urban Fund bond-type management company. It has formed a partnership with leading fund investors for the sake of mutually beneficial cooperation. Also, it had the REITs AMC approved and established No. 1 REITs in 2017 to flexibly respond to rapid changes in the financial market. And it is making efforts to diversify investment types and business areas to stably generate revenue.