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HDC Hyundai Development Company wins the road construction project in Ethiopia

- HDC Hyundai Development Company is acknowledged for its high technological prowess, reflecting local features and applying designs that optimized the routes

- The company enters East Africa and lays the groundwork for expansion into the African market


On December 3, HDC Hyundai Development Company won the Gore-Tepi road construction project in Ethiopia worth $138 million (KRW 158.2 billion). This is the third global project won this year in addition to BSMMU University in Bangladesh in May and the 2nd section of the southern coastal road in Mumbai, India in October. This project holds significance as HDC Hyundai Development Company first entered the East African market based on its competencies in winning global projects in Southeast Asia.


The project will be carried out in the form of Design & Build ordered by the Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA). The site is located approximately 600km southwest of Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. Asphalt pavement and installation of three small bridges will be carried out in the total 143km section extended from Gore to Tepi through Masha. The construction period spans 54 months from January 2019 to June 2023.


The driving force that led HDC Hyundai Development Company to win this project was its design that considered local characteristics. The company sufficiently reflected the local conditions on the design by cooperating with specialized road design companies in Africa including Ethiopia. Moreover, the construction plan follows the local climate that has a clear distinction between dry and rainy seasons, concentrating on pavement work in the dry season and drainage work and structure construction in the rainy season, which was highly rated by the client. Once the road is completed, it will contribute greatly to revitalizing the regional economy by improving the poor worn-out road and reducing distribution costs.


“Winning this project will serve as a bridgehead in the African construction market that has potential for economic growth,” said an official from HDC Hyundai Development Company. “We plan to enhance our competitiveness in global cities for development projects in addition to projects based on EDCF finances.”