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HDC Group announces 2019 periodic appointment of executives

- HDC Group selects innovative resources to deal with future environmental changes
- HDC Group reinforces responsibility management for each business division and expands the Agile Organization


HDC Group (Chairman Mong Gyu Chung) carries out 2019 periodic appointment of 16 executives as of January 1.


This appointment clarifies the personnel principles based on the merit system and expertise, and focuses on selecting innovative resources according to the mid/long-term strategic direction of HDC Group.


Newly-appointed HDC I&CONS President Geun Yang Yuk previously served as chief director of Management Support Division at HDC I’PARKmall, sales director and chief director of Business Planning Division at HDC Hyundai Development Company. He is considered a competent individual who will further enhance the business development competencies of HDC I&CONS and create new growth engines based on excellent project winning capabilities and bold initiative.

Newly-appointed HDC Icontrols President Sung Eun Kim is a strategic marketing specialist who graduated from Hanyang University in electronic engineering and received an MBA from the graduate school of the same university. This background is expected to help HDC Icontrols conduct smart home business through the Internet of Things (IoT) which connects eco-friendly information technology (IT) and mobile systems.


Newly-appointed HDC Asset Management President Hong Il Kim is the Group’s leading planning and financial expert in charge of business planning and human resources at HDC Hyundai Development Company after working at Hyundai Securities and Kyobo Securities. He will help HDC Asset Management faithfully perform its role as the Group’s financial department and strengthen its position as a sound asset management company.


HDC Hyundai Development Company will also carry out a reshuffle that adjusts the system, which currently consists of 3 divisions, 3 centers and 36 teams, into 4 divisions, 1 center and 31 teams.

The new Project Sales Division which was established to reinforce the sales organization expands the Agile Organization newly adopted in 2018 to enhance the competencies to promptly respond to market changes and suggest customer-friendly products. The Development and Operation Division will diversify the convergence development model by planning new spaces in association with the community. The Construction Division aims to standardize the on-site system through the self-contained organization and improve performance according to responsibility management. Moreover, the Center of Excellence (CoE), which will carry out long-term innovation, will secure future competitiveness by developing new business models and nurturing strategic resources.


Since 2017, HDC Group has been seeking structural revolution through the Big Transformation Project in order to establish the foundation for sustainable growth. The reshuffle aims to align the strategies, organizations and human resources toward one direction to secure powerful executive ability. The plan is to share best practices through quick implementation and expand the culture based on principles and performance, thereby creating a business model unique to HDC.


Meanwhile, HDC Group established an efficient group decision-making structure by subdividing the holding company HDC and operating company HDC Hyundai Development Company on May 2, 2018, and laid the groundwork to effectively pursue mid/long-term growth strategies and portfolio goals.


HDC Group is making mid/long-term investments in various fields such as finance, real estate development, social overhead capital, cultural contents, etc., and plans to focus its competencies on establishing an original business model unique to HDC that is differentiated from the existing one by connecting all the Group’s businesses under the holding company system.



Associate Senior Vice President Ki Tak Do


HDC Hyundai Development Company
Senior Vice President Geun Ho Park / Ho Jong Park  
Associate Senior Vice President Chan Ho Park / Dong Soo Kim / Won Ki Ha / Hyun Woo Lee / Jeong Hwa Park / Hee Bang Kim


President Geun Yang Yuk


HDC Asset Management
President Hong Il Kim


HDC Hyundai EP
Executive Vice President Hyeong Ki Lee
Senior Vice President Jin Soo Choi


HDC Icontrols
President Sung Eun Kim


HDC I-Service
Executive Vice President Man Hee Lee
Associate Senior Vice President Chi Sung Bae