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HDC Hyundai Development Company Signed a “Smart City” Investment Agreement with Gyeongsangnam-do, Gimhae-si, and NHN

- HDC Hyundai Development Company & NHN established Gimhae Data Center and Smart City Platform Center 

- Gyeongsangnam-do and Gimhae-si will cooperate for cloud-based manufacturing ICT convergence service business and provide administrative support


 HDC Hyundai Development Company (CEOs Kwon Soon- ho & Jung Kyung-ku) and NHN (CEO Chung U-jin) signed an investment agreement with Gyeongsangnam-do (Governor Kim Kyeong-soo) and Gimhae-si (Mayor Huh Sung-gon) for establishing Data Center and Smart City Platform Center at 1 p.m. on 4th. 


 The Investment Agreement Ceremony was held at the conference room in the new wing of Gyeongsangnam-do Provincial Government Building, while the contracting parties and key officials, including the Minister of SMEs and Startups Park Young-sun, the Governor of Gyeongsangnam-do Kim Kyeong-soo, the Mayor of Gimhae-si Huh Sung-gon, the CEO of HDC Hyundai Development Company Kwon Soon-ho, and the CTO of NHN Jin Eun-sook, attended. 


 Through this investment agreement, HDC Hyundai Development Company and NHN will establish a cloud data center, R&D center, and smart city platform center in Gimhae-si by investing approximately KRW 500 billion. Furthermore, the two companies will build a model complex based on the smart city platform center, while Gyeongsangnam-do and Gimhae-si will provide administrative and financial support including licenses and permits, so that related projects can be conducted without any hurdles.


 Particularly, NHN will establish a data platform for cloud-based manufacturing ICT convergence service business through this investment agreement. In this regard, NHN will hire residents of Gyeongsangnam-do in priority when recruiting and actively cooperate with small and medium-sized ICT companies in the region to develop manufacturing ICT technology.


 Additionally, Gyeongsangnam-do and Gimhae-si agreed to cooperate with NHN to foster and develop the local ICT industry ecosystem and work together for the use of the cloud data center for local government information systems and attract government-led ICT projects in the future. Gyeongsangnam-do expects that this investment agreement will create at least 500 new jobs in the region. 


 Kwon Soon-ho, CEO of HDC Hyundai Development Company, who attended the ceremony, said, “I hope that this investment agreement will create a beginning for us to grow with the local community” and “We will do our best to successfully build a smart city that will bring new opportunities of improvement and prosperity to Gyeongnam region.”  


 Meanwhile, HDC Hyundai Development Company has been promoting business cooperation with NHN, LG Electronics, and Kakao to provide superb technology and service to customers and discover new business items such as smart cities in the long run.