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HDC Hyundai Development Company Ups Smart City Capabilities by Working with Qualcomm

- HDC Hyundai Development Company and HDC I-Controls collaborate on smart home, smart city, and smart construction technology by applying Qualcomm 5G wireless technology

- Said companies plan to launch a joint project of services using 5G and IoT technology to improve complex development sites and IPARK infrastructure


 HDC Hyundai Development Company (CEOs Kwon Soon-ho & Jung Kyung-ku), HDC I-Controls (CEO Kim Seong-eun), and Qualcomm announced on the 15th that they will cooperate for the development of smart city models and the convergence development of smart home and smart construction solutions.


 This agreement includes the plan of jointly developing smart construction and smart city technologies as well as the development of smart home solutions such as 5G-based wall-pad, common entrance lobby phones, and outdoor CCTV, by applying the wireless technology (e.g., 5G and IoT) of Qualcomm. Accordingly, HDC Hyundai Development Company is expected to provide more convenient services to the occupants of IPARK by expanding the scope of the HDC IoT Platform, the smart home platform of IPARK. It is also expected to develop and cooperate on business models in the smart construction technology field such as securing the 5G-based wireless network for real-time site monitoring and apply more advanced smart home, smart city, and smart construction technology to the complex development sites conducted by HDC Hyundai Development Company.


 An official of HDC Hyundai Development Company said, “This technology agreement will be an opportunity to secure diverse and convenient services, which can be applied to our complex development projects, such as the area adjacent to Kwangwoon University Station development project, and IPARK.” 


 HDC Hyundai Development Company is a comprehensive financial & real estate company that has developed landmarks in major cities across the country, including Samsung-dong IPARK and Haeundae IPARK, and has undertaken large-scale urban development projects such as Suwon IPARK City. It is currently carrying out large-scale development projects such as the underground space development project in front of Yongsan Station and the Yongsan Railway Hospital site development project in addition to the area adjacent to Kwangwoon University Station development project. HDC I-Controls, which participates in the agreement, is a company providing eco-friendly construction with IT-oriented products and services. It has put spurs to expedite home IoT technology development by signing an MOU with Kakao to develop new home IoT technologies. Qualcomm has the world's best technology in the mobile wireless communication field and it also has diverse experience in building a smart city ecosystem based on 5G and IoT technology.