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HDC Hyundai Development Company Implements Safety and Quality Campaign “SMART ZERO”

- Safety and quality campaign to achieve defect-free site through smart safety and quality control

- Attained goal of “zero serious disasters” last year thanks to thorough safety and health management system operation


At the head office on January 26th, HDC Hyundai Development Company (CEO Kwon Soon-Ho) of HDC Group held a proclamation ceremony of a special safety and quality campaign called “SMART ZERO” that will be carried out with partner companies. To prevent the continuous spread of COVID-19, the event was held via video conference while a minimum number of people, including CEO Kwon Soon-Ho and the Safety and Quality Committee, participated in person.


The details of the event were carried out in the following order: a report on items for implementation centered on safety and quality, a presentation on operation plans for safety and quality per PM, a ceremony for rewarding the sites and partner companies, presenting a letter of appointment to the Safety and Quality Committee, reading the proclamation of the safety and quality campaign, and so on.


Under the slogan “SMART ZERO,” HDC Hyundai Development plans to achieve a disaster-free and defect-free business site by operating smart safety and quality through self-control, monitoring, assistance, rechecking and training in the safety aspect, and speedy defect repair, strengthening manpower competence, autonomous & responsible quality control, and establishing teamwork in the quality aspect.


At the ceremony, CEO Kwon Soon-Ho stated that thanks to last year’s hard work of partner companies, executives and staff members based on the safety and health management system, they could achieve zero deaths and remarkably less injuries. He requested that they do their best to maintain a disaster-free, defect-free site by removing, in advance, risk factors that may cause serious disasters and following the rules through improving the system, facilities and tools to successfully achieve SMART ZERO.


Furthermore, Yoonjoo Construction and Doosong Construction were selected as excellent partner companies in the safety aspect and quality aspect respectively and were awarded accordingly.


HDC Hyundai Development Company established the SMART ZERO strategy to improve its safety system and safety consciousness, newly strengthening safety and health activities. Through this, a method centered on “system,” “smart safety” and “safety culture” that could be flexibly applied in any environment was secured.


A unique aspect of the HDC Hyundai Development Company Safety and Quality Campaign is that partner companies also participate. Since the launch of the Safety and Quality Committee that was established in 1994 consisting of the presidents of partner companies for the first time in construction industry history, a win-win management system through safety control is being consistently implemented. In addition, to prevent safety accidents, the Hot Summer Icicle Campaign and Cold Winter Concentrated Health Inspection are carried out per season, striving for thorough safety and health control. In like manner, a disaster response guideline has been established to prevent COVID-19 from spreading within the company.