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HDC Hyundai Development Company Renews the IPARK Brand Logo


- Aspiring to be a Premium Life Platform for a high-class lifestyle experience

- Strengthening the sustainable premium status unique to IPARK where space, life and smart technology merge in harmony

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the launch of HDC Hyundai Development Company’s IPARK, the brand logo has been renewed. It has been 5 years since the latest renewal in 2016.

IPARK, which was launched in March 2001, has re-established its brand identity as a “Premium Life Platform for a high-class lifestyle experience,” signifying their commitment to develop IPARK into a sustainable premium brand based on the brand vision of a “space that brings more happiness and makes life more beautiful as time passes.” Accordingly, they carried out a design renewal of the brand logo.

HDC Hyundai Development Company did not limit IPARK to a simple residential space but expanded it to a “Premium Life Platform.” To this end, they provided values unique to IPARK such as innovative design with exceptional attention to detail solid trust based on smart technology sustainable premium status. Through this, they plan to develop IPARK to a life platform that provides sustainable high-class experience and supports the diverse lifestyles of residents.

The brand logo design inherits the artistic distinctiveness IPARK pursues while also enhancing its visibility and aesthetic factors. They used the existing typeface, but increased the width, creating a bolder font to express the status and scale of the brand. In addition, by adopting the wide grid system that is designed in a balanced way, the logo design was revised to convey a stronger brand image. The color red that has become a signature hue of IPARK for the past 20 years is retained while the specific color code has been changed to Pantone 200 C, which is more vivid and gives off a more stable vibe, expressing the brand’s reliability and sophisticated value.

An official from HDC Hyundai Development Company stated that they will provide new products and services in accordance with the smart convergence era so that clients of IPARK can experience the “Premium Life Platform,” which is the goal of this brand renewal, adding that the renewed IPARK logo will gradually be applied to future lot-solid apartments and newly occupied complexes.


HDC Hyundai Development Company’s IPARK was launched in March 2001 as “a cultural space that goes beyond a basic living area and lets you experience the meaning of life” and has led Korea’s residential space trend in an innovative way. As a landmark brand in various parts of the country such as Samseong-dong IPARK which is Korea’s highest quality apartment complex, Haeundae IPARK which has changed Busan’s skyline, and Suwon IPARK City which is Korea’s leading nongovernmental urban development project, IPARK has provided clients with the best value.