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Yongsan Railroad Hospital Will Be Reborn as a Leading Global Cultural Complex That Embodies History and Culture


- HDC Hyundai Development Company obtains business permit for investment company to develop Yongsan Railroad Hospital… Yongsan Town Business to be carried out in earnest


- Remodeling work of Yongsan Railroad Hospital started in May… Residential-commercial complex scheduled to begin construction at the end of this year

- Multipurpose complex development that revitalizes historical legacy… Regenerating the neighborhood and city through private development know-how

 As the process of the Yongsan Railroad Hospital Site development project of HDC Hyundai Development Company is being carried out smoothly, the project is receiving much attention along with the specialized project of Yongsan History & Culture Renaissance Special Zone.

The Yongsan Railroad Hospital Site development project is a project to develop a 10,948site in the area between street addresses 65 and 154, Hangangno 3-ga, Yongsan-gu, within the Yongsan District Unit Planning Area. The main building of the Yongsan Railroad Hospital located within the site will be remodeled into Yongsan History Museum, carrying on the heritage of Yongsan, while the multipurpose building, planned to be up to 34 stories high with 6 basement levels and accommodate 685 households, will be developed into a residential-commercial complex that combines high-class residences with shopping and culture.


 The 9th Joint Committee of Architecture & Urban Plan of the Seoul Metropolitan Government designated the Yongsan Railroad Hospital Site as a Special Planning District and established a detailed development proposal on May 26. Yongsan History Museum, that will be built on the site, has been designated as the Yongsan History & Culture Renaissance Special Zone by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in April, and the project is being carried out as a civic center historic base construction special project of Yongsan-gu. Principal schedules include the remodeling work of the main building of the Yongsan Railroad Hospital that has been going on since May and follow-up administrative procedures for the residential-commercial complex so that it can begin construction at the end of this year. Along with this, HDC IPARK 1st REIT Co., Ltd., HDC Hyundai Development Company’s real estate investment company, obtained a business permit for the Yongsan Railroad Hospital Site development project from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport on May 28 and is carrying out the project in earnest.

HDC Hyundai Development Company plans to concentrate its development and operation competence in recreating the Yongsan Railroad Hospital Site – its operating asset – into a global cultural complex where cultural experiences coexist with residency that goes beyond mere inhabitation. Lifestyle contents that lead the era will be adopted to neighborhood facilities and cultural facilities, operating the site as a sustainable urban platform. It is planned to be made into a leading global space where various thoughts combine and converge as global players gather in Yongsan to interact and exchange.

An official from HDC Hyundai Development Company stated that the Yongsan Railroad Hospital Site development project is a meaningful project that not only regenerates the historical legacy of the Yongsan Railroad Hospital into a new cultural space on a private sector level, but also builds a leading town where the dynamic and global lifestyle of Yongsan co-exists, expressing determination in making it grow as a town developer that continues the vein of the city, revives the neighborhood and heightens the value of the city while also revitalizing everyday space through various development projects.

HDC Hyundai Development Company considers Yongsan the center of global business and has set a high value on its locational competitiveness, continuously expanding the Town Business project. By introducing contents like IPARK Mall and HDC Shilla Duty Free store in the private-funded Yongsan Station, HDC Hyundai Development Company has cultivated Yongsan into a global center for shopping and culture, and it is in the process of developing the underground space of the park in front of Yongsan Station. Furthermore, through the development projects of the Gongneung Station Area and Kwangwoon Univ. Station Area, HDC Hyundai Development Company is carrying out multipurpose complex development in key locations in Seoul that will invigorate the city.