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HDC Hyundai Development Company Carries Out General Safety Inspection of All Sites with Partner Companies and Management





- HDC Hyundai Development Company CEO Kwon Soon-Ho states, “Safety is the highest priority value in company management”

- Emphasis on actual safety management to prevent accidents


HDC Hyundai Development Company (CEO Kwon Soon-Ho) carried out a general safety and health care inspection of all the sites on the 27th. Particularly in this case, CEO Kwon Soon-Ho supervised the inspection with not only the project managers in charge of each area, but also key management such as the Head of Management Division, Head of Construction Management Division, and Head of Future Innovation Division, leading the inspection on each site and emphasizing the importance of total safety management.


The general safety and health care inspection that was carried out simultaneously on the construction and infrastructure sites all over the country in the afternoon of the 27th proceeded with not only key management from HDC Hyundai Development Company but also partner companies present on site. Key management grasped the current status of the high-risk task management, visited the workplaces with the highest risks in person and inspected whether the task plan, task method, and safety management system were being carried out properly, while discussing improvement plans for safety management with partner companies. In addition, they checked how the site was responding to COVID-19 and whether the smart safety technology was effectively being used in equipment operations and high-risk task sections.


Upon visiting the reconstruction site of Dunchon Jugong Apartment that day, CEO Kwon Soon-Ho stated, “Safety is the highest priority value in management. It must become the highest priority value for every worker. If safety can’t be secured in every moment, then the work process can’t be carried out.” He also emphasized that, “On site, not only biding by the safety laws, but also actual safety management focused on advanced prevention is important. In addition, to reinforce independent safety activities of partner companies, the site and head office must spare no effort in supporting them.”


To more thoroughly manage the risk factors on site, HDC Hyundai Development Company is in the process of enhancing the risk management system. It is also strengthening support for partner companies so they will voluntarily improve their competence in safety management, and it is reinforcing the training system to improve the safety consciousness of supervisors and workers. Additionally, it is planning to continuously develop HDC SMART safety technology and apply it on site. Furthermore, it will regularize this key management site inspection to understand the safety management status of the sites and it will reflect upon the opinions of the employees and partner companies, actively applying it on the sites.